Updates for 2017

August 20 2017

What is your conversation like? Could you talk to Jesus in the same language as you use with your friends? Read the article and ponder on its contents – click here to go to download The War of the Words.


July 22 2017


Three additions today – a meal; a feast and a poem. Is life seeming to be a long drag, well read the poem and be encouraged, it is not as long as it seems – eternity is longer!

Feeling a bit peckish? Why not re-fuel on a bit of 'Body Building'? Although it may not be what you think!!.?

Finally, something to think upon and be strengthened by – 'The Blood of the Everlasting Covenant'.



June 27 2017


Due to many reasons, some foreseen others unforseen, this site has not been regularly updated. As of today, we hope to make amends for this by bringing you more biblical thoughts and teachings that you may find helpful, intriguing, but most of all God glorifying.


As an encourgement, read the pdf 'Sufficient for the day is its own trouble', and take heart.


Are you feeling a little dry in your spirit? Perhaps what you need is a bit of food for thought. How about:

Death stops you in your tracks

Can two walk together unless they agree